1. Books from the College Library are issued generally only to the present students of the college and the members of the staff. Only in special cases books are issued to outsiders on payment of a deposit fixed in each case by the Principal.

2. A Student is normally be allowed to borrow two books at a time.

3. The library will be opened for the issue and receipt of books every working day during working hours except the Lunch break allowed to the Library Staff.

4. All applications for books should be put up before one hour after the commencement of the working time after which no application will be attended to. Books will be issued on these applications hour before the closing time.

5. No Student shall keep the Library books except those issued for vacation reading for more than one month from the date of issue. A fine of 25 Ps. for from the library until the books are returned and fine is paid. Books taken for the vacation should be returned within three days after the reopening of the college.

6. A may be re-issued to a student for a further period of fifteen days provided that no other application for the book has in mean time been made.

7. Students are prohibited from passing books issued to them to others and from leading them to persons not connected with the college.

8. Students should not write anything on the library books or even underline or mark any passage in them, neither should they disfigure nor mutilate them in any way. The borrower last using a book is held responsible for any defect or mutilation not pointed out at the time of taking the book.

9. A book lost or mutilated shall be replaced with a new copy of the same book and charged to the borrower's account.

10. Absence from this college will not relieve a borrower of the responsibility of returning books on the due date.

11. Books of references may be consulted in the Reference section only. Under no circumstances they may be taken from the library by students.

12. Silence shall be maintained in the reading room. Students who fail to observe this rule are liable for fine.

List of News Papers (Dailies)

S.No Name Of News Papers Language
01 Andhra Prabha Telugu
02 Andhra Bhoomi Telugu
03 Andhra Jyothi Telugu
04 Deccan Chronicle English
05 Economic Times English
06 Eenadu Telugu
07 Eluru Times Telugu
08 News Point Telugu
09 Praja Sakthi Telugu
10 Times Of India English
11 The Hindu English
12 Vaartha Telugu
13 The New Indian Express English


List of Periodicals

S.No Name Of News Papers Language
01 Andhra Bhoomi Telugu
02 Andhra Prabha Telugu
03 Business World English
04 Economic and POlitical Weekly English
05 Employment News English
06 Express Computer English
07 India Today English
08 India Today Telugu
09 Main Stream English
10 Navya Telugu
11 News Week (International) English
12 Out Look English
13 Out Look Money English
14 Sport Star English
15 Swathi Telugu
16 Time Week English
17 Time (International) English
18 University News English


List of Fortnight Lies

S.No Name Of News Papers Language
01 Business India English
02 Business Today English
03 Capital Market English
04 Data Quest English
05 Front Line English
06 Fortue (International) English
07 Out Look Traveller English
08 Sainik Samachar Telugu
09 Southern Economist English
10 Udyoga Sopanam Telugu
11 Vijetha Competitions Telugu


List of Monthly Magazine

S.No Name Of News Papers Language
01 Andhra Bhoomi Telugu
02 Anna Datha Telugu
03 Benefit English
04 Biology Today English
05 Chemistry Today English
06 Competition Affairs English
07 Competition master English
08 Competition success review English
09 Computer Vignanamu Telugu
10 Digit English
11 Electronics for You English
12 General Knowledge Today English
13 Information Technology English
14 Kurukshtra English
15 Lab Experiments (Electronics & Physics) English
16 Man's world English
17 Mathematics Today English
18 National Review English
19 Net work magazine English
20 PC Quest English
21 Physics for you English
22 Radical Humanist English
23 Reader's digest English
24 Science Reporter English
25 Social Welfare English
26 Tattva Loka English
27 Telugu Vidyarthi Telugu
28 The Inspirational Quote English
29 The Yoga English
30 Wisdom English
31 Wonder World Telugu
32 Yoga Telugu
33 Yojana Telugu
34 Yojana English




List of Bio-Monthlies

S.No Name Of News Papers Language
01 Consumer Voice English
02 E - Power English


List of Quarrtlies


S.No Name Of News Papers Language
01 Indian Journal of Experimental Biology English
02 Indian Journal of Biochemistry English
03 Krishna Murthi Foundation India Bulletin English
04 New frontiers in Education. English

List of Half-Yearly

S.No Name Of News Papers Language
01 The quest English



List of Gratis

S.No Name Of News Papers Language
01 German News English
02 Priya Darshini English
03 Agrobios English
04 Gelupe Telugu
05 Phytopharm English
06 The news from China English


List of Journals

S.No Name Of News Papers S.No Name Of News Papers
01 Annals of Lib and Inf Studies 17 Ind J of Pure and App.
02 Bhava's Journal 18 Ind.J of Public Administration
03 Current Lit of Sci and Sci 19 Ind.J of Sedimantology
04 Currient Science 20 Ind.J of Training and development
05 Decision 21 Inspirational Quote
06 Down to Earth 22 Journal of Bio-Science
07 Eco and Ind Growth Analysis 23 J.of Indian writing in English
08 Far eastern Eco review 24 J of Scientific and Indu Research Litt.
09 Ind J of BIo-Chem and Bio-Phy. 25 Littcrit
10 Ind J of Bio-Tech 26 Management Account
11 Ind J of Chem 27 National Geography
12 Ind J of Ind Rel. 28 National Academy of Sci Letters
13 Ind Eco and Soc history review 29 Poet
14 Ind Lit. 30 Resonance
15 Ind J of Pure and applied math 31 The Book review
16 Ind Management