General Rules of Discipline

1. The Principal of a College shall exercise complete power for the maintenance of discipline of the students of the college.

2. The Principal may frame and issue from time to time disciplinary rules of a permanent or temporary character regulating the conduct of all the students within the college or hostel premises.

3. On the report of the Principal or other authorities all such breaches of discipline, as in the opinion of these authorities call for the imposition of examination etc., as punishment will be considered by the Board of Management. The Board of Management will pass thereon such orders as it deems necessary

4. The Principal shall have power to inflict the following punishment in the interest of the students or the institution, fine, suspension or expulsion of a student

5. The Principal has the power not to send any student to the public examination unless he puts in the necessary attendance fixed from time to time

6. The Principal shall communicate to the parents or guardians of the students who are very backward and show no improvement or whose attendance is poor and conduct unsatisfactory. The names of students who are found incorrigible even after warning will be removed from the rolls after intimation to parents or guardians. The orders of the Principal in this matter shall be final.

7. In case of serious indiscipline by students, the Principal, when possible, before taking disciplinary action, inform the parents or guardians of the nature of the acts of indiscipline committed by such students and request the parents or guardians to exercise their authority in favour of discipline

8. If any student is expelled from the college, intimation of the fact of expulsion, with a statement of the reasons therefore shall be given forthwith by the Principal to the parent or guardian, alone has revisionary powers over the decision of the Principal.

9. It shall be one of the conditions of admission to the college that students shall submit themselves for Medical Examination as arranged by the college.

10. The Principal of the College may prohibit students from attending political or other meetings if he apprehends a breach of peace.

11. (a) Students of the College going on strike or in any way guilty of serious indiscipline shall IPSO facto immediately forfeit their Scholarship, fee            concession etc..
       (b) Scholarships, fee concession etc., thus forfeited shall not ordinarily be restored

12. Students of the College going on a strike or in any way causing of serious breaches of discipline shall be required, if they are residents of the attached hostels, to quit the hostels at 24 hours notice and they shall not ordinarily be re-admitted to the privileges of residence in the Hostel.