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In the 1940s there was a long felt need for a full fledged college in the Head Quarters of West Godavari District. This need was fulfilled when late Sri Rao Saheb Damaraju Venkata Rao, the then Chairman of the Municipal Council, Eluru, took the initiative in 1944. The Municipal Council under his stewardship enlisted the sympathy and support of the philanthropic citizens in and around Eluru and embarked on a collection drive and deposited Rs. 2 lakh 17 thousand in the Municipal Treasury as an earmarked fund for the starting of the college.

The college was inaugurated on 4th July 1945 by Sir Cattamanchi Ramalinga Reddy , the distinguished educationist and the then Vice-chancellor, Andhra University and the college was named after him “ Sir C.R. Reddy Municipal College”. It started functioning as a second grade college, with Sri D.S. Subrahmanyam as the Founder Principal.A constitution was adopted for the Governing Body in the year 1947, according to which the word “Municipal” was dropped from the original name of the College. The name of the College was treated as an institution under Private Management by the Government from 1947.

The college was raised to the status of First Grade with effect from July 1951 when the University granted affiliation for B.Sc.,Physics(Main)and B.Com.,Courses .The College was granted further affiliation in Degree Courses for B.A. (Mathematics) and B.A., which were started in July 1954.In accordance with the recommendations of the Secondary Education Commission, the Andhra University decided to abolish the Intermediate Course and the Two Year Degree Course and introduced instead One Year Pre-University Course which was to be followed by a Three year Degree Course. Consequently the college opened the Pre- University Course with effect from July 1957 and Three Year Degree Course from June 1958.

Subsequently the state Government decided to introduce two year Intermediate Course and it was started in the year 1969-70. Degree Course under the New Scheme with one main and two ancillaries were introduced from the academic year 1971-72.With a view to develop the College and to improve the facilities, the Management collected donations to the extent of Rs.1,47,000 from philanthropic benefactors, institutions and generous citizens in 1967.

The amount was utilised for the construction of the first floor of the North Block and the Deputy Warden’s quarters, cycle sheds and compound walls. Another remarkable achievement was the construction of a huge gymnasium in 1974 at a cost of Rs. 1,52,000 providing facilities for all indoor games with the assistance from UGC.

On the academic side, the management felt it proper to start Post -Graduate courses in the College. As a result of the relentless efforts of the Management and the Principal, Post Graduate Course in Commerce was started in 1971. The Management also felt it imperative to start Evening College in Degree Courses for the benefit of employees who wish to improve their qualification. Thus the Evening College for B.A and B.Com., Courses started functioning in 1971.

A modern library building with an aesthetic outlook and with the latest design was constructed at a cost of Rs. 2 Lakhs in the year 1971. For further development such as construction of New Hostel, Class Rooms, Principal’s quarter and such other projects, the Management raised donations to the extent of Rs. 2,00,000 from generous donors in 1971. The celebration of Silver Jubilee in 1975 is another land mark in the history of the College. Eminent Educationists, distinguished poets, notable public men and popular cine artists graced the celebrations which were held under the able stewardship of Sri P.V. Krishnaiah, the then Principal of the College.

The College Auditorium was modernised with permanent seating arrangement.A two storeyed New Hostel Building was constructed approximately at a cost of Rs. 10 Lakhs. A two storeyed New Block for M.Com Classes was constructed at a cost of Rs.8 lakhs with a view to providing accommodation to as many students as possible.

The Management sincerely felt that the opening of Law Course in the Evening College would help improve the qualification of many graduates. As a result B.L. Course in evening college was started in 1976-77. Subsequently B.L. Course was started in the Day College in 1980. A separate building for Law College was constructed at a cost of Rs. 8 Lakhs and the law college was shifted to its new premises in 1983.

The Management was of the view that some technical and professional courses should be started to provide better employment avenues for the students of this region. This dream came true when they started a Polytechnic in 1980. Permanent buildings and modern workshops were constructed on its new premises at Vatluru approximately at a cost of Rs. 40 Lakhs. It was shifted to the new premises in 1983. B.Sc., Electronics was also started in the same year.

The Management’s desire to start a College of Education to train and mould the graduates into ideal teachers took shape in 1984 when the B.Ed., Course was started and the first batch of students was admitted.

A Public School was started by the Management with the intention of providing better educational facilities to the children of this town. The Management sincerely felt that starting of some more post -graduate courses would serve the needs of the region and help graduates improve their qualifications. Thus the Management succeeded in getting Post Graduate Courses in Politics, Economics and Industrial Relations and Personnel Management (Presently MHRM). The Management strove hard and got M.B.A. Course in 1985 which has proved to be a boon to the graduates of this region.

In the Year 1986 the Management of the College started non -conventional courses at the under-graduate level keeping in view the local conditions and the employment opportunities, B.Sc., Industrial Fist & Fisheries and B.Sc., Computer Science were started.In B.A., two new Combinations were opened, B.A., Industrial Relations in 1986-87 and B.A., Social Work in 1988-89. Vocational Courses Radio & T.V. and Computer Science were started from 1987-88.

A separate building was constructed for College of Education at a cost of Rs. 7 Lakhs and was opened by Sri Gali Muddu Krishnama Naidu, Hon’ble Minister for Education on 26-06-86. A separate building to accommodate Intermediate classes and provide additional classrooms was completed on 1989.

The College has become a premier educational institution in Andhra Pradesh. It has grown to be a Mini- University. Considering the all-round development and the infrastructural facilities available in the College, the Management was encouraged to apply for the conferment of the Autonomous status. On 18-06-1987 the A.P. Commissionerate for Higher Education approved the setting up of Autonomous Colleges and it communicated its approval to the Universities. On May 11, 1987 the U.G.C. accorded the status of autonomy to Sir C.R. Reddy College. The same was accepted by the Andhra University in its communication dated 28th July, 1987. Sir C.R. Reddy College started functioning in its new status as an Autonomous college from the academic year 1987-88. All the statutory and non -statutory bodies were setup, committees formed and the Autonomy is being used in the right spirit envisaged by both the U.G.C and the Andhra University.

The Management Started a Women’s College in 1987 to cater to the needs of the growing women population in and around Eluru, seeking higher education. So the Management started a Degree College and a Junior College for Women in Vatluru. Realising that there is a great demand for Engineering Education in these parts, the Management started an Engineering College in 1989.

Keeping in view of the demand in Pharmaceutical Sciences The Management Started Sir C R R College of Pharmaceutical Sciences in November 2007. Sir C R R College of Nursing for Women will be started in year 2018 under the Dynamic chairmanship of Sri Kommareddy Rambabu.

Sri D.S. Subrahmanyam was the founder Principal of the College and served the institution with distinction for well- over two decades. He was succeeded by Sri. P.V. Krishnaiah in May 1967. After an eventful career stretching over 19 years as Principal, Sri P.V. Krishnaiah retired on 1st May 1986. Sri V. Krishnaji Rao, who had been serving as the Vice-Principal succeeded him and assumed charge as Principal on 10th May 1986. After a successful career spanning over 36 years, Sri V. Krishnaji Rao retired as Principal on 31-12-1990.

Sri M.S.V. Sarma, Head of the Dept. of English was promoted as I/C Principal and he assumed charge on 1st January,1991. Having served successfully for a period of two years, he relinquished his job as I/C Principal on health grounds. Sri P. Narayana Das who succeeded him as I/C Principal did his level best to improve the administration though he held the post for a short span of six months. When Sri Narayana Das retired as I/C Principal on 31st July 93, Sri N.V. Subba Rao Head of the Dept. of Economics was promoted as Principal. He strained every nerve to tone up the Administration. He retired as Principal on 30-11-94. Sri P. Satyanarayanachari Head of the Dept. of Politics was promoted as Principal of the college on 01-12-94. He retired as Principal on 31-07-97. Dr. B. Ananda Rao, Reader & Head of Dept. Of Economics was promoted as I/C Principal on 01-08-97. He retired as I/C Principal on 31-05-98. Dr. D.V.R.K. Prasad, Reader & Head of the Dept. of Zoology was appointed as I/C Principal on 01-06-98. Sri M. Atchuta Rao, Head of the Dept. of Physics took charge as I/c Principal from Dr. D.V.R.K. Prasad. He retired as I/C Principal on 31-01-1999. Sri N. Churchil Daniel, Head of the Dept. of Commerce was appointed as Principal on 01-2-99 and retired on 31-3-2000. Sri Surapaneni Koteswara Rao, Lecturer in Commerce was appointed as Principal on 01-03-2004. Sri K. Srimannarayana took charge as Principal (FAC) on 24-11-2004 and retired on 30-06-2005. Sri R. Surya Rao, Head of the Dept. of Politics took charge as Principal on 01-07-2005 and retired on 31-05-2007. Sri V.S.R.K. Prasad, Lecturer in commerce was appointed as Principal on 01-06-2007 and retired on 31-08-2009. Dr KVRNS Kondayya Rao, Reader and Head, PG Department of Commerce took charge as Principal (FAC) on 01-09-2009 and he relinquished his job as I/C Principal on health grounds on 20-03- 2010. Sri A B Lakshmi Narayana, SG Lecturer in Chemistry took charge as Principal (FAC) on 20-03-2010. He retired on 31-03-2013. Sri N V Chowdary, SG Lecturer in Chemistry was appointed as In-charge Principal on 01-04-2013. Dr. A Veerabhadra Rao, Associate Professor in Physics took charge as In-charge Principal on 30th June, 2017. Dr. NVVS Prasad, Reader in Chemistry took charge as In-charge Principal on 16th Dec., 2017, and retired as Principal on 31st August 2018. Dr K A Rama Raju SG Lecturer in Chemistry took charge as in-charge Principal on 1st Sept. 2018.

A new combination in B.Sc., i.e., Maths, Electronics and Computer Science was also started in the academic year 1998-99. Another new combination in B.Sc., i.e., Bio-Chemistry, Micro - Biology and Medical Lab Technology has been introduced in the academic year 1999-2000 and Micro-Biology, Bio-Chemistry and Chemistry during the year 2001-2002. And the Management of the college has started two P.G. Courses i.e., (1) MCA course and (2) M.Sc., (IS) in the same year. The management has started M.Sc., course in Mathematics during the year 2002 -2003 and M.Sc., Physics, B.Sc., Bio-Tech, Bio-Chemistry and Chemistry during 2003-04. New combinations in B.Sc. viz., MGCs, (Maths, Geology and Computer Science), MCCs, (Maths, Chemistry and Computer Science), MSCs, (Maths, statistics and Computer Science) are added in the academic year 2017-18. New a combination in B.Sc. - FZC (Fisheries, Zoology, Chemistry) and MEC (Maths, Economics, Commerce) in Intermediate are added from the academic year 2018-19.

The college won many distinctions not only in the academic sphere but also in athletics and fine-arts. Its alumni have been in high positions in several walks of life not only in the country but also abroad and they cherish the memory of their stay in the Alma-Mater. The college has hosted Andhra University Inter Collegiate Youth Festivals in 1988 and in 1999.

Sri Alluri Bapineedu had been the President of the Governing Body for about three decades and was mainly responsible for the phenomenal growth and development of the college. He had been a source of strength and inspiration to the Management, Principal, Staff and Students. Sri A.S. Chowdary stepped into the shoes of his father in 1992. Sri V.V.N. Prasad acted as Correspondent and Secretary respectively for more than two decades and involved himself actively in the smooth administration bringing out the growth and development of our Institutions till 10-3-2003. Later, Sri Gutta Subba Rao acted as secretary till the end of the tenure of the committee. On 26-2-2007, Managing Committee of Sri C.R. Reddy Group of Institutions took charge. Sri Kommareddy Rambabu and Sri Kakarala Rajendra Vara Prasada Rao (Raja) took charge as President and Secretary respectively. Sri Chava Rama Krishna Rao, an educationist and a veteran politician took charge as President and Sri Kakarala Rajendra Vara Prasada Rao was re-elected as Secretary and Sri Jasti Raja Ramamohan Rao took charge as Correspondent of Sir C R Reddy Autonomous College and completed their tenure in March 2013.

The Governing Body under the Leadership of Sri Alluri Indra Kumar took office in May 2013. Dr. MBSV Prasad as Secretary and Dr.VV Rajabhushan Prasad as Treasurer & Dr. K S Vishnu Mohan as Correspondent of Sir C R Reddy Autonomous College have completed their tenure in June 2016. The new Management Committee of Sir C R Reddy Educational Institutions took office with Sri Kommareddy Rambabu as President, Sri N V K Durga Rao as Secretary, Smt. Magantti Padmavalli Devi as Treasurer and Sri U S Ram Prasad as Correspondent in June 2016.

This College was one among a very few colleges accredited at “A” Grade by National Assessment and accreditation council (NAAC), Bangalore in February 2005. University Grants Commission (UGC) conferred Autonomous status to the college in 2006- 2007. During the year 2009-10, the University Grants Commission selected our Institution as ‘College with Potential for Excellence’ (CPE). Our College was Re-Accredited at ‘A’ Grade by NAAC, Bangalore in the month of March 2011. Towards the end of the academic year, 2016-17, NAAC Peer Team, Bangalore, visited the college from 9th to 11th March, 2017 and has re-accredited the College at ‘A’ level in the 3rd Cycle of Assessment, for a period of 5 years(2017-2022). The college was given certification by ISO, with number ISO 9001:2015.

Succession List of Principals

S.No Name Period
1 Sri D. S. Subrahmanyam 1945 - 1967
2 Sri P.V. Krishnaiah 1967 - 1986
3 Sri V. Krishnaji Rao 1986 - 1990
4 Sri M.S.V. Sarma 1991-1993
5 Sri P. Narayana Das 1993 (6 months)
6 Sri N.V. Subba Rao 1993 - 1994
7 Sri P. Satyanarayanachari 1994 - 1997
8 Dr B. Ananda Rao 1997 - 1998
9 Dr D.V.R.K. Prasad 1998
10 Sri M. Atchuta Rao 1999
11 Sri N.C. Daniel 1999 - 2000
12 Sri P. Rama Rao 2000 - 2004
13 Sri S. Koteswara Rao 2004
14 Sri K. Sreemannarayana 2004 - 2005
15 Sri R. Surya Rao 2005 - 2007
16 Sri V.S.R.K.V. Prasad 2007 - 2009
17 Dr KVRNS Kondayya Rao 2009 Sept - 2010 March
18 Sri AB Lakshminarayana 2010 - 2012
19 Sri N. Veerraju Chowdary 2012 - 2017(July)
20 Dr. A Veerabhadra Rao 2017(Aug)- 2017 (Dec)
21 Dr. N V V S Prasad 2017(Dec)-2018 (Aug)
22 Dr. K A Rama Raju 2018(Sept)-