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Department of M.B.A.
S NO. Name Qualification Post Designation
01 Prof. G.V.Jagapathi  Rao M.Com, MBA, M.Phil, PGDPM, Ph.D., Un-aided Director cum Prof.
02 Smt.Y. Soujanya M.B.A, M.Phil Un-aided Asst Prof
03 Dr R. Srinivasa Rao Mcom, MBA,Mphil, Ph.D Un-aided Associate Prof
04 Dr T. Rajesh Mcom, MBA(MM), MBA(HRM), Ph.D Un-aided Associate Prof
05 Sri.PHNSV Subba RAo M.B.A, MHRM, MA Eng, Msc psychology, MCom Un-aided Asst Prof
06 Dr P.Giri Babu M.Com, MBA, Ph.D, UGC NET Un-aided Associate Prof
07 Smt J Deva Mani MBA, MCom Un-aided Asst Prof
08 Sri M Upendra MBA Un-aided Asst Prof
09 Sri V Srinivasa Rao MBA, MCom Un-aided Asst Prof
10 Sri Y V R Satish Babu MHRM, MBA., Un-aided Asst Prof
11 Sri P Praveen MBA, MCom Un-aided Asst Prof
12 Smt P Aparna M.Sc., Un-aided Asst Prof
13 Sri G V S Ravindra Babu MBA, M.Phil, AP SET, UGC NET Un-aided Asst Prof
14 Ms. V Viswasanthi MBA, M.Com, M.Phil Un-aided Asst. Prof.

Department of Politics

S NO. Name Qualification Post Designation
02 Dr. Md. Ghouse Mohiddin M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D   Lecturer
05 Smt. M. Vimala Devi M.A.,   Lecturer

Department of M.C.A.

S NO. Name Qualification Post Designation
01 Smt S Aruna Jyoti MCA Un-aided Asst Prof
02 Sri D Sivakiran MCA Un-aided Asst Prof
03 Ms. K Suseela MCA Un-aided Asst Prof
04 Ms. K Jhansi Lakshmi MCA Un-aided Asst Prof
05 Sri V Rambabu MCA Un-aided Asst Prof

Department of M.Sc (PHYSICS)

S NO. Name Qualification Post Designation
01 Sri. Ch.J.N. Pavan Kumar M.Sc, M.Phil., Un-aided HOD & Lecturer
02 Sri M. Raju M.Sc., Un-aided Lecturer
03 Sri S Yuva Praveen M.Sc., Un-aided Lecturer
04 Ms. B Hima Durga M.Sc., Un-aided Lecturer

Department of M.Sc (Organic Chemistry)

S.NO. Name Qualification Post Designation
01 Dr. G Ramu M.Sc, Ph.D., Un-aided Associate Professor & I/C HOD
02 Sri T Subrahmanyam M.Sc., Un-aided Lecturer
03 Sri Ch Satyanarayana M.Sc., Un-aided Lecturer
04 Sri B Satyanarayana Murthy M.Sc., Un-aided Lecturer
05 Ms. K Amulya M.Sc., Un-aided Lecturer
06 Smt B. Valli Poornima M.Sc., Un-aided Lecturer
07 Ms. M. Santha Kumari M.Sc, M.Phil Un-aided Lecturer
08 Ms. B. Viritha M.Sc., Un-aided Lecturer
09 Dr. G. R. Satyanarayana M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D Un-aided Associate Professor


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