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Department of M.B.A.
S NO. Name Qualification Post Designation
01 Prof. G.V.Jagapathi  Rao M.Com, MBA, M.Phil, PGDPM, Ph.D., Un-aided Director cum Prof.
02 Smt.Y. Soujanya M.B.A, M.Phil Un-aided Asst Prof
03 Dr R. Srinivasa Rao Mcom, MBA,Mphil, Ph.D Un-aided Associate Prof
04 Dr T. Rajesh Mcom, MBA(MM), MBA(HRM), Ph.D Un-aided Associate Prof
05 Sri.PHNSV Subba RAo M.B.A, MHRM, MA Eng, Msc psychology, MCom Un-aided Asst Prof
06 Dr P.Giri Babu M.Com, MBA, Ph.D, UGC NET Un-aided Associate Prof
07 Smt J Deva Mani MBA, MCom Un-aided Asst Prof
08 Sri M Upendra MBA Un-aided Asst Prof
09 Sri V Srinivasa Rao MBA, MCom Un-aided Asst Prof
10 Sri Y V R Satish Babu MHRM, MBA., Un-aided Asst Prof
11 Sri P Praveen MBA, MCom Un-aided Asst Prof
12 Smt P Aparna M.Sc., Un-aided Asst Prof
13 Sri G V S Ravindra Babu MBA, M.Phil, AP SET, UGC NET Un-aided Asst Prof
14 Ms. V Viswasanthi MBA, M.Com, M.Phil Un-aided Asst. Prof.

Department of Politics

S NO. Name Qualification Post Designation
02 Dr. Md. Ghouse Mohiddin M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D   Lecturer
05 Smt. M. Vimala Devi M.A.,   Lecturer

Department of M.C.A.

S NO. Name Qualification Post Designation
01 Sri. M. Ratnakar MCA   Asst Prof
02 Sri. B.K.V. Murali Raju MCA   Asst Prof
03 Sri. A. Srinivasa Rao MCA   Asst Prof
04 Sri D. Siva Kiran MCA   Lecturer
05 Smt. MahaBooB Karishma MCA   Lecturer
06 Ms.M.S.S.S. Surya Kumari MCA   Lecturer
07 Sri. J.P. Ankalu MCA   Lecturer
08 Ms.R.Suma MCA   Lecturer
09 Sri K.Kennedy MCA   Lecturer
10 Sri V.Ajay Kumar MCA   Lecturer
11 Sri.A.RamaKrishna MCA   Lecturer
12 Sri G. Satish Kumar MCA   Lecturer

Department of M.Sc (PHYSICS)

S NO. Name Qualification Post Designation
01 Sri. Ch.J.N. Pavan Kumar M.Sc, M.Phil., Un-aided HOD & Lecturer
02 Sri M. Raju M.Sc., Un-aided Lecturer
03 Sri S Yuva Praveen M.Sc., Un-aided Lecturer
04 Ms. B Hima Durga M.Sc., Un-aided Lecturer

Department of M.Sc (Organic Chemistry)

S.NO. Name Qualification Post Designation
01 Dr. G Ramu M.Sc, Ph.D., Un-aided Associate Professor & I/C HOD
02 Sri T Subrahmanyam M.Sc., Un-aided Lecturer
03 Sri Ch Satyanarayana M.Sc., Un-aided Lecturer
04 Sri B Satyanarayana Murthy M.Sc., Un-aided Lecturer
05 Ms. K Amulya M.Sc., Un-aided Lecturer
06 Smt B. Valli Poornima M.Sc., Un-aided Lecturer
07 Ms. M. Santha Kumari M.Sc, M.Phil Un-aided Lecturer
08 Ms. B. Viritha M.Sc., Un-aided Lecturer

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